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Cs-cart sqls to get statistical reports

I am sharing the sqls which I wrote to generate reports for the year 2013.  You can tweak it to meet your respective needs. I have only used them for Cs-cart multivendor edition version 3.x, so if it works for

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List of third party Cs-cart 3.0 addons

I have moved this post to List of third party Cs-cart addons. This is a more exhaustive list (over 250) and is categorized based on price, functionality area, company and version. You can leave a comment here, if you want to

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Better looking sign in | register in Cs-cart ?

Do you want your Cs-cart sign in / register to look like this instead of If yes, this post shows you how to do it with minor addon css code.  Which means you don’t have to edit any core files.

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