How to put a cute little update under quantity on view cart in Cs-cart

Do you miss an update button on your cart like has in the image below ?


This post will show you how you can add an update link like this in cs-cart without touching core files.  This is a minor modification so you can edit any of your existing addon.  If you don’t have an existing addon, do the changes in my_changes addon just make sure you have it installed.  To illustrate I will do the changes in my_changes addon.

  1. Make sure you have the addon installed.  Verify from Administration->addons page.
  2. Make sure ‘Value changer’ for the Quantity field is enabled.  Verify from Settings->Appearance.
  3. Add the JavaScript code, create folder and files if not present.

    <script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function() { // removes the link from review stars
    // add update link
     $('div[class="center valign cm-value-changer"]').each(function(){
     var $this = $(this);
     $this.append('<p><a class = "upd_qty" style="font-size: 11px;">{/literal}{$lang.update}{literal}</a></p>') ;
     // hide update link by default
     $('a[class="upd_qty"]').hide() ;
     // show update link on increase or decrease & hide + if reached max
     var $this = $(this);
     var $this = $(this);
     // update link
  4. That’s it, just the clear cache admin.php?cc and check view cart page.
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One comment on “How to put a cute little update under quantity on view cart in Cs-cart
  1. david says:

    it`s quite useful and workable,thank you shikhar

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