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Cs-cart search by relevance

This post will explain how to incorporate Search by Relevance using MySQL full text search in Cs-cart.  This Doesn’t require any core file modifications,  add on code and sql has been used. You can edit one of your existing addons.  If

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PHP IDE Comparison

A feature by feature comparison of leading PHP Integrated Development Environments/Editors. PhpED 9.0   PhpStorm 2.10 NetBeans 7.00  PHPEdit 4.00 phpDesigner 7.00  Komodo 6.10  CodeLobster 3.80 Editor   Variable highlight            Brace highlight          

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Add customer’s order number on Cs-cart admin’s order detail page

This minor addon code will add customer’s order number (as in nth order) in admin’s order detail page.  See the image below for better understanding. I personally find it helpful when reviewing orders for fraud.  Typically a user’s first order

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Product added to cart notification to stay in Cs-cart

I find it more user friendly for the “product added to cart” notification to stay unless clicked. There is a one alphabet modification and you can achieve this.  This is touching the core file but one alphabet shouldn’t hurt. In controllers\customer\checkout.php line 82, replace

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Add product weight and cart weight on view cart in Cs-cart

This is a minor addon code to show product weight and total weight on the cart.  You can add this code to any of your existing addon or my_changes addon.  To illustrate, I will do the changes to my_changes addon.

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Cs-cart developer FAQ

Following are developer FAQ which I created for quick reference. How to display message notifications (warning, notice etc) ? fn_set_notification($type, $title, $message, $message_state = ”, $extra = ”) Note : message_state = ‘K’ doesn’t have css associated with it How

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