About me

  • Full Name : Shikhar Kumar
  • Web development enthusiast.
  • Like working with/for startups.
  • As of now CTO @ mrbabu.com, Kuwait
4 comments on “About me
  1. Todd says:

    Do you know of an Addon which will allow me to create a coupon code for the community editin of cs-cart?


  2. Shahin says:

    Hi dear Shikhar,

    sorry because my English is not very good!

    i’ve tried to learn how to make it as a parameter ({$promotion.to_date}) In other blocks one customer side and other than the templates can be added “?dispatch=promotions.list”. But I have not succeeded.

    i’ve tried the various tricks that none of it was not practical to solve this problem. “cs-cart” community forums so i went back and forth many requests that I was not given any answer.
    my content in csforum: http://forum.cs-cart.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_activity&mid=18403

    my cs-cart is version 3


  3. Tasos says:

    Hi dear Shikhar,
    Is there anyway we can set the “search by product name” feature on the orders search of the Cs-cart Bells and Whistles Addon to be case-INsensitive? It is a bit hard to search by product name and also trying to match the case.

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