5 reasons why I like adminer over phpmyadmin

I have been using Adminer now for almost an year.  And after I started using adminer I never looked at phpmyadmin again.  I first heard about adminer in php architect magazine.  Following are the reason which never made me switch back to phpmyadmin

  1. One file, no installation required :  Copy one file to the remote server and start using it !
  2. Speed : Because it is compiled and minified into one file the execution is fast.  You can even choose mysql and english only version which is just 229 KB.
  3. Lesser UI elements on the interface : It has lesser UI elements on the interface which gives it a clean look.
  4. Lack of query builder – it has more of a browse feel than assisting you to make a complex query using its query builder.  I never actually understood the use of query builders.  If I have to write a complex join or come other query I will rather write it on my own than to use query builders which takes me even longer.
  5. Lesser options overall : It has lesser options overall, but I never felt like I needed something and it wasn’t there.

Let me know if you have some other reasons of using adminer !
More detailed comparison with phpmyadmin at adminer website.




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