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Addon code to sync Cs-cart users to Mailchimp

This post will explain how to sync Cs-cart newly registered customers to your Mailchimp list on a daily basis. You can edit one of your existing addons.  If you don’t have an existing addon, do the changes in my_changes addon,

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List of third party Cs-cart 3.x templates

I have moved this post to List of third party Cs-cart templates. This is a more exhaustive list (over 100) and is categorized based on price, company and version. You can leave a comment here, if you want to include the

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Order items in Cs-cart admin’s Order listing and Order search pages

This code modification will help you see order items on Order listing (Orders -> view orders) page itself.  The details will show up on order search results too.  See the image below. I find it very useful to browse through

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Add customer’s order number on Cs-cart admin’s order detail page

This minor addon code will add customer’s order number (as in nth order) in admin’s order detail page.  See the image below for better understanding. I personally find it helpful when reviewing orders for fraud.  Typically a user’s first order

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