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Add to cart button on wishlist products in Cs-cart

Wishlist in Cs-cart is very minimal.  One obvious feature missing is ability to add a product to cart from wishlist itself.  The following one line change will at least make that happen. In file skins\basic\customer\addons\wishlist\views\wishlist\view.tpl line 20, replace following line with

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Product added to cart notification to stay in Cs-cart

I find it more user friendly for the “product added to cart” notification to stay unless clicked. There is a one alphabet modification and you can achieve this.  This is touching the core file but one alphabet shouldn’t hurt. In controllers\customer\checkout.php line 82, replace

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Better looking sign in | register in Cs-cart ?

Do you want your Cs-cart sign in / register to look like this instead of If yes, this post shows you how to do it with minor addon css code.  Which means you don’t have to edit any core files.

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How to put a cute little update under quantity on view cart in Cs-cart

Do you miss an update button on your cart like has in the image below ? This post will show you how you can add an update link like this in cs-cart without touching core files.  This is a

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Add product weight and cart weight on view cart in Cs-cart

This is a minor addon code to show product weight and total weight on the cart.  You can add this code to any of your existing addon or my_changes addon.  To illustrate, I will do the changes to my_changes addon.

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